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Acrecent Financial Contributes to the Growth of Puerto Rico’s Health

By Caribbean Business, Special Feature: Hospital Healthcare Providers & Labs

Acrecent Financial Corporation (AFC), a leading alternative financing company for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in Puerto Rico, continues with its commitment to contribute to the economic development of Puerto Rico by offering products and services quickly and efficiently.

Among the needs AFC covers, include:

  • equipment leasing
  • loans for the purchase of any type of equipment for the operation of the business
  • refinancing of equipment for working capital
  • financing of energy cogeneration equipment
  • financing of real estate for purchase
  • acquisitions of businesses
  • technology systems and softwares

«We are very agile and we evaluate transactions in an expeditious manner, which differentiates us from local banks, because they generally take a little longer [time] to analyze. Our commitment to them is to quickly solve their needs at whatever time anything shows up, that is our distinction.

That is our commitment to all our clients, our spearhead is service, always. What has distinguished us as a company is personal and direct service. With us, the client will always have someone who can solve their needs immediately,»

said Marian De Jesús, business development officer at AFC.
Marian de Jesús

«We have contributed to the development of many established businesses that have not had access to banking, since we are an alternative to traditional banking. Also, to the economy by providing financing for business growth in different segments,» she added.


Although the healthcare industry is one of the sectors in which AFC has its largest client portfolio, the company plans to continue expanding to other segments.

«Our plan is to continue growing. For example, in the manufacturing segment, the construction area, there is now a boom in development projects. In addition, we want to continue expanding our presence in the area of ​​education and tourism,»

De Jesús explained.

Part of AFC’s strategy for success has been that the company not only closes a business, but also develops relationships with its clients.

«Our clients are continually being active, generating new opportunities and approaching us about new needs. The client remains with us, counting on our services and many times these are relationships that are maintained for years.»

«Our greatest satisfaction is when we complete a transaction and are able to create real value for our clients. When our clients reach out to us with specific challenges and needs, we all work as a team to be able to deliver real solutions.», De Jesús noted.

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